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Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel
for Readers’ Favorite GOT ANY KAHLUA ? , aka The BIG LEBOWSKI COOKBOOK
1426 days ago
Readers Favorite
Reviewed by Katelyn Hensel for Readers’ Favorite

Got Any Kahlua / The Collected Recipes of the Dude by Daniel Zwicke is the most BROMANTIC Cookbook I’ve ever read. This is not your mom’s cookbook, and it certainly isn’t your grandma’s cookbook. You are more likely to find recipes for saucy meats and cocktails than you are to find some fancy chicken cordon bleu because this book is a DUDE’S cookbook. Never in my life has a cookbook made me laugh until I read this one. I can almost see my hick, bro, burly, manly uncle writing this one. It just SMACKS of masculinity and a lack of culinary skills which is impressive. This is a book for those on a budget, for those who aren’t really that picky when it comes to calories and a balanced diet as long as it’s tasty and full of meat or alcohol. I enjoyed it so much that I read it in one quick sitting! 

Daniel Zwicke knows his audience … Dudes. Like I said, there are cocktail recipes up the Wazoo, most of them variations on quotes; The Dude’s quotes; favorite varieties of White Russians. I had the opportunity to try these dude-friendly drinks when making them for my fiance’s POKER NIGHT , and let me tell you, they were a smash hit! While this isn’t a traditional recipe book, it’s got a lot of hidden gold in there and it’s spelled out in a way that is easy for guys to understand. There’s no complicated, ten thousand step process for each meal and/or recipe. It’s all, quote ; take a can of X ingredient, add a chopped cup of Y ingredient, and there you go! quote; I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book, and have saved a copy in my recipes folder in case I need more dude-friendly drinks and meals for my hubster-to-be!

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Best Cookbook Ever! Abide in It!

July 27, 2015

Format: Paperback
Best Cookbook ever you ask? Well, yes, if you’re a fan of the Dude and The Big Lebowski, the greatest cult movie of all-time. The book is quite funny, with quips & quotes of the Dude and all his friends. But it’s not just that. The book is filled with some great recipes that are geared towards being simple and easy to perepare, and are all super tasty, believe me I’ve cooked many of them, and they’re absolutely awesome. I especially love the Dudes Cowboy Chili, Da Fino Meatballs, Walter’s Jewish Penicillin, the In-N-Out Burger, and Bozo’s Manhattan Clam Chowder. The recipes are well written and easy to follow. Oh, and another point, the recipes and food are geared towards the budget minded, and there are great tips on how to save money through cooking. You gotta love it, a cookbook cntered around the Dude, with tasty easy to make dishes that save you money. What’s better than that?
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ABIDE in IT !!!

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