Big Lebowski Peach Salad


… Excerpted From Daniel Bellino-Zwicke’s forthcoming book SEGRETO ITALIANO !
                                                                   Favorite Dishes & Secret Italian Recipes
My mother used to make this when I was a kid. I can remember
my dad bringing home a big bushel basket of ripe summer peaches when they were
in season. The basket was so big and with so many peaches that they were too
much and my mom would split the peaches with the neighbors who had a large
family with lots of kids. I really loved these peaches when I was a boy, and
always looked forward to eating them. They were “oh so Yummy.” They still are.
I had forgotten completely about the peaches and the way my mother used to make
them until this past summer when I bought a few fresh peaches from my local
Fruit & Vegetable guy on West 4th Street in Greenwich Village.
The Peaches smelled good, nice and perfectly ripe. And it hit me! I remembered
back to the days my mom used to make them, and one day specifically in our
neighbors back yard. The neighbors had a couple of Geese and they were running
around the yard. My mom and Mrs. Griffin sat in lawn chairs peeling peaches
from the large bushel. I watched them, and watched the Geese. We ate the
Peaches, and I can still taste them till this very day.
This recipe is as simple as can be. It’s only Peaches and a
little sugar. No cooking! The hardest part is getting the rip peaches. Make, it
and you’ll be amazed at how unbelievably tasty these peaches are. It’s great to
give to kids, as a much better sweet alternative to super sugar and floured
full cakes and cookies. Get the kids hooked on these peaches and tasty
Watermelon and Cherries and they might not want too many cakes and cookies.
They’re fine, but too many are not. Eat healthy.
12 large ripe Peaches
7 teaspoons of granulated Sugar

Wash the Peaches well. Do not peel. Cut the peaches in half,

removing the pit in the center. Cut each half peach into 5 or 6 wedges each and
put into a large glass or ceramic bowl that you will serve the Peach Salad
from. Once all the peaches are cut up and put into the bowl, add the sugar. Mix
thoroughly, then give to your guest and see how much they love it, and how
amazed out how tasty and easy this wonderful little dessert is. Buon Appetito!
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