My First Lebowskifest




BIG LEBOWSKIFEST  August 16, 2011 

     Hammerstien Ballroom, August 16, 2011,  Fans of Jeff Bridges and the Greatest Cult Movie of 

All-Time, The “BIG LEBOWSKI” were treated to a special treat last night in New York City.

It was the First Ever Cast Reunion of the Major Players of the Coen Brothers Masterpiece.

    On hand for a Q&A prior to a World Premier Screening of the Big Lebowski Blueray Special Addition, were none other than the DUDE Himself, “Jeff Bridges,” his sidekick Walter “John Goodman” and New York Actors of the cast; Steve Buscemi (Donny), Julianna Moore (Maud), and 

“The Jesus,” John Turturro …. Musical Director, Tbone Burnett was also on hand as he and Jeff Bridges are in Town to promote Jeff Bridges first album to coincide with the Lebowski Blueray release. Some Full-On Promotion. Burnett produced the album.

      Well there was a lot of energy in the air, 5,000 Urban Achievers and Amateurs, many dressed as their favorite characters; most of which there were many a “Dude,” a bunch of “Walters,” Maude’s, a few “The Jesus’s,”  I saw one Cowboy Stranger (ala Sam Elliot), no Milionaere Lebowski’s, a few “Donny’s,” No Jackie Treehorn’s, but a Few Nylist’s, and no Bunny Lebowski’s.

     Anyway, the costumes were all great, but most of all was the energy and Good-Time-Dude-Mood filled the Air. It was electrifying.

     As for the festivities. The Q&A was a bit of a Let-Down, I’m very sorry to say, Being such a Biog Lebowski Fan, Lover of the movie and such wonderful actors as Jeff Bridges and John Goodman. The Q&A didn’t hit it on the mark, and was not as great as I thought it would be. It was a bit Flat, but I enjoyed it never-the-less, just to be able to see Jeff Bridges, Julianna, John Goodman, Buscemi, Tbone, and John Turturro Live and on stage together was enough for me and any True Fan of the Dude, despite its shortcomings, “We All Loved It.”

     At first, I was thinking about leaving after the Live stuff and not watching the Screening of the Movie. I’ve seen it 30 times. But  I stepped back and though, hey you don’t do this every day. Here i am with thousands of other like-minded fellow “Achievers.” I can’t let this moment pass me by. I just gotta watch the Big Lebowski with 5,000 Fellow Lebowski-Heads. So I stayed. And glad i did. It was a blast, and all Rocky Horror Picture Show, thousands screamed out all the famous lines; “Shut the Fuck Up Donny,” Got Any Kahlua?, “What About the Fuckin Toe?,” “He Fixes the Cable?,” What Coitus?, You brought a Pomeranian Bowling?, “It Really Tied the Room Together,” “He Peed on Your Fuckin Rug,” “Obbiously You’re Not a Golfer, and on and on. It was hilarious, a Great Time, and a way for 5,000 Dude Lovers to forget about the Stock Market, The Shitty Economy, and any other of their troubles. “The Dude Would.”

Daniel Bellino Zwicke



at LEBOWSKIFEST NEW YORK August 16, 2011

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by Daniel Zwicke


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